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Truck Mounts

A truck mount is a carpet cleaning machine that is mounted to your vehicle or trailer. The machine consists of a blower (vacuum source), pump, heat exchanger, motor (power source), a waste tank, and some other mechanical gizmos to fully operate your machine. Most operators also have a seperate fresh water tank as their water supply. Although, many truck mounts also allow water hookup to a faucet.

A truck mount may range in price anywhere from $5000 - $50,000. When shopping for a truck mount, make sure you look at the suction power and other features. You will be surprised at the price differences out there for basically the same machine. Many times carpet cleaners pay for the name on the machine, even though, there is a comparable machine out there with same exact blower, engine, and water pump.

You should ask youself: why am I looking for a truck mount machine? Once you answer this question, you can now search for the truck mount that has the features you are seeking. Many carpet cleaners are actually surprised that they can actually get a portable extractor that answers the question above. Go into your truck mount search with an open mind. If you decide that you want a truck mount, great. However, you may be surprised at what your search leads you to (See "The Truth About Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines").


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